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Meet the Baru Nut: A Small Nut with Big Benefits

The baru nut, sustainably sourced from the fruits of the baruzeiro tree in the Cerrado, a tropical savanna in South America, is one of nature’s most delicious secrets. These crunchy and nutritious nuts were relatively undiscovered until recently, hidden deep in the Cerrado and unknown to most outside of the indigenous communities that call this tropical paradise home.

Like other superfoods, baru nuts offer a wealth of health benefits in one tiny package. Discover the amazing potential stored inside. The baru nut’s superfood status is well earned. Here are just a few of its nutritious perks

Discover the Pili Nut

The pili nut grows inside the fruit of the pili tree, or Canarium Ovatum, in the lush tropical rainforest of the Philippines.

Sustainably grown without pesticides, the ripe fruits are wild harvested, maintaining the land in its natural state. The fruits are opened to reveal the tasty nuts, which are then sprouted to activate the nutrients inside, allowing them to be more easily absorbed by the body.

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People-Friendly, Planet-Friendly

When you purchase baru nuts, you’re not just doing right by your body—you’re also doing right by the environment. You’ll help preserve the stunning Cerrado and provide sustainable living opportunities for its people. By supporting the cultivation of baruzeiro tree nuts, you can aid us as we reduce deforestation in the area and bring new life to a land.

When you eat the pili nut, you’re not just doing right by your body—you’re also doing right by the planet. By purchasing this product, you’ll help preserve the Philippines’ rainforest and provide a sustainable living for the local community. Who knew that one little nut could do so much?


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Baru Nuts and Pili Nuts are now available in this portion pack.
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